The Warner Historical Society's Tory Hill Author Series is a must see for those who feel connected to the Warner River Watershed.

In 2018, the Warner River was classified as a designated river, as defined by New Hampshire’s River Management and Protection Program, joining the Merrimack, Contoocook and sixteen other rivers of outstanding character. This designation requires the formation of a Local Advisory Committee (LAC) to ensure active participation by local residents and stakeholders.

The WRLAC is composed of volunteers representing a variety of river interests and each of the communities within the watershed. The WRLAC is responsible for developing and implementing a River Corridor Management Plan which documents the river’s existing conditions and makes recommendations for how to protect the river and its many uses for generations to come.


Protecting the Warner River Watershed


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Tracking Concerns

The Warner River Local Advisory Committee oversees all activities that affect the Warner River Watershed.  

The WRLAC is your resource center for getting to know your local watershed.

The WRLAC is involved in the permitting of all development activities and will make recommendations on behalf of maintaining the health and wellbeing of our watershed.