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Warner River Local Advisory Committee BYLAWS
August 28, 2019
{Adopted May 22, 2019}
{Amended August 28, 2019}

Article I NAME
A. The name of this voluntary organization shall be the Warner River Local Advisory
Committee, hereinafter referred to as the “Committee”.
A. The authorization for the establishment of the Committee and its duties are set forth
under New Hampshire RSA Chapter 483 and amendments thereto.
B. The Committee shall:
1. Advise the Commissioner of the New Hampshire Department of Environmental
Services (hereinafter referred to as the “Commissioner”), the statewide Rivers
Management Advisory Committee (“RMAC”), the municipalities through which the
Warner River flows, and municipalities within tributary drainage areas, on matters
pertaining to the management of the river, its tributary drainage areas, and
disposal of state-owned lands. Municipal officials, boards, and agencies shall
inform the Committee of actions which they are considering in managing and
regulating activities within designated river corridors.
2. Consider and comment on any federal, state, or local government plans to
approve, license, fund, or construct facilities or applications for permits,
certificates, or licenses, that may alter the resource values and characteristics for
which the river or segment is designated.
3. Develop or assist in the development and adoption of a local river corridor
management plan pursuant to RSA 483:10. No such plan shall have any regulatory
effect unless implemented through properly adopted ordinances.
4. Report biennially to the RMAC and the Commissioner, and annually to the local
governing bodies, on the status of compliance with federal and state laws and
regulations, local ordinances, and plans relevant to the designated river or
segment, its corridor, tributary drainage areas, and the activities of the local river
management advisory committee including, but not limited to, committee
volunteer hours, permit applications reviewed, corridor management plans and
their implementation, and education and outreach efforts.

C. The Committee may apply for and accept, from any source, gifts, grants, and other
donations of money or services that directly assist the committee in meeting its duties,
programs, and projects. Monies may only be accepted by majority vote of the
Committee. The Committee may, without further authorization, expend any funds so
received to carry out its duty pursuant to RSA 483:8-a.
A. The Commissioner shall appoint the Committee. Committee representatives shall be
chosen from lists of nominees submitted by the local governing bodies of Bradford,
Sutton, Warner, Webster, and Hopkinton. Committee representatives may also be
chosen from lists of nominees submitted by the local governing bodies of tributary
drainage areas.
B. All representatives of the Committee shall be New Hampshire residents. In the event of
a member's resignation, the Commissioner shall appoint a new member upon the
nomination of that municipality's governing board.
C. It is the intention of the Committee, though not a requirement under state law, that
each municipality adjacent to the Warner River shall be represented by no more than
four (4) representatives.
D. Consistent with RSA 483:8-a II, the Committee shall be composed of at least three (3)
representatives who represent a broad range of interests in the vicinity of the Warner
River corridor. These interests shall include, but not be limited to, local government,
business, conservation interests, recreation, agriculture, and riparian landowners. If an
interest is not represented by the local governing bodies' nominations, the
Commissioner may appoint a member from the vicinity of the Warner River corridor to
the Committee who will represent that interest.
E. Each member shall serve a term of three (3) years, except when the committee is first
established. When the committee is first established the commissioner shall appoint
representatives to one (1), two (2), or three (3) year terms to create staggered terms.
F. Associate members or representatives may be appointed to the Committee at any time
by majority vote of the Committee. Associate members shall be non-voting members of
the Committee, but may engage in all remaining regular activities of the Committee.
Associate membership is open to the residents of all towns within the Warner River
watershed and New Hampshire students studying, working, and/or volunteering in the
Warner River watershed.

A. The Officers of the Committee shall consist of a Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, and
Secretary, and Treasurer.
B. The Chairperson shall preside at all meetings and hearings of the Committee and the
Chairperson or her/his designee shall have the authority to represent the Committee as
required before local, state, and federal governments, and public and private agencies
in carrying out the duties of the Committee. The Chairperson also has the authority to
establish special committees and/or subcommittees.
C. The Vice Chairperson shall act for the Chairperson in his/her absence and assume such
other duties as may be assigned by the Chairperson or the Committee.
D. The Secretary shall be responsible for posting notice of upcoming Committee meetings
as indicated in Article VII A and keep a record of all such notices, and record all
correspondence sent and received by the Committee and shall assume such other
duties as may be assigned by the Chairperson or the Committee. The Secretary shall
keep minutes for each meeting unless the Chairperson, or designee, appoints another
Committee member to record the minutes prior to the meeting’s commencement.
E. The Treasurer shall receive and make payments as authorized by the Committee,
maintain and reconcile bank accounts, report on all financial activity to the Committee
at the regular monthly meeting, submit an annual report of all financial activity to the
Committee, and transact any and all other necessary financial business as authorized by
the Committee. Two signatories shall be established for any account with two
signatures necessary on any draft on any account.
A. Officers shall be elected annually in November of each year. A candidate receiving a
majority vote of the representatives present shall be declared elected and shall serve for
one year or until a successor is elected. Vacancies in office shall be filled immediately at
the next meeting by a majority vote of the representatives in attendance, providing a
quorum is present.
A. The Executive Committee is composed of four Committee Officers: Chairperson, Vice-
Chairperson, Secretary, and Treasurer.

B. The Executive Committee is responsible for the day-to-day business of the Committee as
it assigns through its policy and procedure documents as authorized by the Committee.
A. Each member shall be entitled to one (1) vote and each member must be present to
vote. A quorum shall consist of a majority of the representatives.
B. Business may be conducted with any number of representatives present. However,
should a quorum not be present, all business requiring a vote shall be deferred until the
next scheduled meeting.
C. Determinations of any matter before the Committee shall require a majority vote of
those voting.
A. All meetings shall be open to the public in accordance with NH RSA 91-A. Notice of all
meetings shall be posted in an agreed upon location in each of the riverfront towns
named in Article III A at least 24 hours in advance and in accordance with all applicable
local, state, and federal laws.
B. Regular meetings of the Committee will be held on the 4th Wednesday of each month
from 7pm to 9pm, or as agreed upon at a prior meeting.
C. Regular meetings of the Committee will normally be held at Warner’s Pillsbury Free
Library (Lower Level), 18 East Main Street, Warner, New Hampshire or at any other site
as decided at the prior meeting.
D. Special meetings of the Committee may be called by the Chairperson provided that at
least four (4) days’ notice of the time, place, and business of such meeting is given to
each member.
E. Unless otherwise specified, Robert's Rules of Order shall govern the proceedings at the
F. Draft copies of the minutes from previous meetings shall be forwarded to each member
prior to the next meeting. The minutes of previous meetings shall be submitted for
approval at the regular meeting and any errors noted and corrections made, after which
the regular order of business may be addressed. The reading of the minutes may be
dispensed with and approved if there are no objections.
G. The Secretary shall keep records of representatives’ attendance and volunteer hours. In
the event that any member is absent from four consecutive Committee meetings
without explanation, the Chairperson may request that the Commissioner terminate
that representative’s membership and appoint a replacement representative.
H. In the event that an issue comes before the Committee that requires a confidential
discussion in a non-public forum among Committee members, a non-public session may
be invoked in accordance with RSA 91-A:3.
A. The Committee may request support for its activities from each municipality for in-kind
services which shall include but not be limited to administrative services, postal
expenses, and photocopying. Support services shall be rotated in the following order:
Bradford, Sutton, Warner, Webster, and Hopkinton. The secretary shall be responsible
for forwarding a copy of meeting notices, minutes, and other pertinent documents to
the municipality’s member who shall then be responsible for photocopying and
distribution of materials to the full Committee prior to the next meeting.
B. The Committee may request, accept, or enter into agreements for services, funding, or
other support from local member municipalities and other entities.
A. These by-laws may be amended at any regular meeting by majority vote of the
Committee provided that such amendment has been presented in writing to the
Committee at least 30 days preceding the meeting at which the vote will be taken.
As amended by Warner River Local Advisory Committee on this day August 28, 2019.
WRLAC Chair, Kenneth Milender

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