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Northern Woodlands is a nonprofit organization that celebrates northeastern forests and the people who care for them. Their quarterly magazine publishes many articles that are informative for folks who are interested in the stewardship of our natural world here in New Hampshire.

  • In a November 2, 2003 article titled Coldwater Brook Trout, naturalist and writer Ted Levin reflected on the inhabitants of a nearby brook that could easily describe any one of the many brooks that feed the Warner River. He writes, "Under the hemlocks, our brook takes on a wildness, tumbling down terraced ledges, rushing around boulders, fretting over rocks..."

Boston GlobeRecently, Amanda Gokee, a New Hampshire based reporter for the Boston Globe, wrote about the development of a rail trail along the Warner River. Through interviews with various local individuals, she tried to tease out some of the essential questions about human and environmental relationships that a project like this can raise.

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