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Fishing, Boating and Swimming on the Warner River


Andrew Brook 

West Branch of Warner River

Hoyt Brook

Lake Todd

Lake Massasecum

Simmons Pond



Stevens Brook

Roby Road

Lane River/Brook


Special Guest Star: The Blackwater River!




**W. Roby kayak launch 


Dalton Covered Bridge (Joppa Rd.)

The Dalton Covered Bridge is located on Joppa Rd. at the end of the Riverside Rail Trail section, in downtown Warner. In addition to the covered bridge, there is a large parking space and some open frontage on the river. 




Kimball Lake

Kimball Lake is a great local pond fishing spot, with a boat launch, a shoreline fishing deck, kayaks and canoes to rent seasonally through the Recreation Department, and three rustic cabins available for events. The Rec Dept also offers ice skates for skating in the winter, and the Fire Department maintains a cleared section of ice for skating. 


The Contoocook River at the Covered Bridge

Although not on the Warner River, this is a great fishing spot. Located in downtown Contoocook Village at the old Railroad Station, next to TD Bank. There is a municipal parking lot, a small park and a gazebo. At the edge of the park a trail serves as a boat launch and leads to a large, open shoreline and river space good for both fly-fishing and conventional spin casting.

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